Helping People Live a Christ-centered Life

Especially Those Disconnected From Christ


We are a community of worshipers dedicated to leading others in expressing their love to God.  We believe that when people worship God, amazing things can happen.  If you are interested in helping us lead worship, please contact or call (678) 285-3242.  

Worship Choir - Worship choir is for singers ages 18 and up and exists to lead our congregation in worship.  Utilizing contemporary worship music, we minister every 2nd and 4th Sunday and at seasonal productions.  

Vocal Teams and Ensembles - Vocal Teams and Ensembles consist of gifted and faithful singers who have a calling to lead worship.  To be a member of one of these teams, one must first be a faithful member of the adult Worship Choir or Student Worship Ensemble.  Vocal Team members are scheduled as needed.

Worship Bands - Our Worship Bands are groups of committed and talented instrumental worship leaders that accompany the congregations worship expression. Instrumentation includes bass, drums, piano, keys, guitars, and other instruments as needed.

Media - The media team leads worship through the use of video, audio, and other forms of technology.  Volunteer positions are available in audio, video, computer graphics, projection, and camera operation.

Arts - We provide many opportunities for artists to inspire worship through the use of their gifts.  Art displays in our gallery, seasonal dance numbers, and periodic dramatic presentations are just a few ways we love to employ the fine arts as a tool for leading worship.